Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It’s Tax Time.

Nobody is a big fan of filing their taxes.  Even if you think you have a refund coming it is still imperative that you give this task prime consideration this time of year.  You should do that for a couple of reasons - if you have a refund why not grab it sooner than later?  And the obvious, it is going to get busier and busier at Las Vegas accounting offices.

Here is a partial checklist of what to bring to the table –

1.  Any and all W-2’s
2.  1099’s with any interest that you have accrued in 2016
3.  Stock and other dividends that you received last year
4.  Unemployment compensation
5.  Social security benefits

Of course, there is more to consider, especially if you are a Nevada business owner.  Like it or not, the time is nigh.  Getting your taxes prepared by the right person is vitally important.  If you can, resist the urge to have them prepared at a “cookie-cutter” location with a national name.  Call a real Las Vegas CPA professional - Mike Mathews from www.accountant-lasvegas.com at (702) 240-5237 and make an appointment at his Regatta Drive location.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Tax Year.

Oh, come on.  Happy tax year?  Well, it is a New Year reality.  If you’re on top of your personal finances it is not something that you put off until mid-April…or mid-March if you own a business.  The financial statements will soon start appearing in your mailbox.  Gather them together and make an appointment.  If you have a refund coming don’t you want to know sooner rather than later?

Start the process by getting to know a good certified public accountant in Las Vegas.  Retain the services of someone with many years of experience in handling individual AND business tax returns.  Try not to fall into the trap that so many do and just pull in to that strip mall where you see the teenager with the spinning sign.  You want and need personal attention at tax time.

The proper advice and counsel from a great CPA is worth its weight in gold.  It is like so many other services.  If you try to get by on the cheap you will pay dearly for it later.  May we suggest Las Vegas CPA Michael S. Mathews?  He will represent you every step of the way during the process including answering IRS questions in a timely fashion.  Call him in January to make an appointment at his beautiful office in Northwest Vegas at (702) 240-5237.