Tuesday, September 3, 2019

2020 Vision.

It seems a long way away, but 2020 will sneak up on us before we know it.  Are you keeping good records?  I mean thorough and complete so that you can file early in the new year and not rush to complete the paperwork that your accountant needs to show exactly how much (I hope) that Uncle Sam will owe you early next year.

Here is what should happen when you file early…

1.  A faster refund…it should work that way and usually does.
2.  If you owe it gives you extra time to pay…don’t diminish the importance of that.
3.  You prepare for the rest of the year knowing where you stand.
4.  You are able to protect yourself from someone stealing your Social Security number AND your refund!

Very few people think far ahead when it comes to filing taxes.  It’s like marking a dentist appointment on your calendar, but you know how it could benefit you and your family if you do.  If you need some advice during this off-season give Michael Mathews a call.  He can be found at 
accountant-lasvegas.com on the web.  Call him at (702) 240-5237.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I Love the ’90s | Free Concert - Sept 1st

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Vanilla Ice, Montell Jordan, All-4-One,Tone Loc and Coolio 
@Fremont Street Experience Downtown | Free Concert

Monday, August 12, 2019

Form 1120 US Corporate Tax Form.

You can download it rather easily these days.  You can stare at it.  You can even see it in your sleep.  But, can you fill it out accurately and completely without mistakes?  That is a challenge that you will eventually face if you don’t find the right corporate tax accountant in Las Vegas before that day arrives.

There are some lines in the form such as –

1.  Returns and allowances
2.  Cost of goods sold
3.  Dividends
4.  Capital gain net income
5.  Depreciation from form 4562

Do you understand all of this and much, much more?  Even if you do, are you prepared to submit form 1120 to Uncle Sam with your signature and no professional advice from a qualified corporate tax accountant?  It’s too important to take chances!  Call Michael Mathews a certified corporate tax accountant serving all of the Las Vegas area at (702) 240-5237.

Back To School Fundraiser, Aug 17th

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Back-to-school events in Clark County 2019

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"Summer vacation will be coming to an end shortly as Clark County students will head back to school in mid August. Here are some events for parents and students to help with going back to school."

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Questions People of Wealth Ask.

This may include what restaurant should we dine at tonight?  What color would you like for your new Mercedes?  Or…which accountant will protect my financial interests?  The first two will probably not change the life of a high net worth individual.  The last one, however has a profound effect on one’s future.

Here are some questions to ask of your accountant –

1.  Is there anything I can do to optimize my tax return?
2.  Do you have time for consultation periodically?
3.  Could you look at a potential investment that interests me?
4.  What is my actual net worth?
5.  How much more am I able to defer on my taxes?

These and other questions are critical to your financial future if you are a high net worth person in the Las Vegas area.  The right accountant for the job may very well be Las Vegas area CPA, Michael Mathews.  Get to know Michael by making an appointment at his beautiful office located at 2620 Regatta Dr. Suite 102 in the Northwest.  Call (702) 240-5237.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Accounting for a Sole Proprietorship.

The accounting for a sole proprietorship does not require a separate set of accounting records.  The law says that the owner and the business are one in the same.  That may be true, however you should maintain records for business activities, in order to judge whether these operations are generating any type of profit.

As you might expect, a sole proprietorship tends to generate smaller amounts of revenue and, logically, experience lower expenses as well.  Therefore, it can make sense to start off with the most minimal accounting record based on cash flows that go into and out of your bank account.  Just maintain separate cash receipts and journals.

A Sole Proprietorship can be very profitable without the encumbrances of a corporation or partnership.  I would like to help you with your company structure.  My name is Michael Mathews a well-known Las Vegas CPA and accountant.  Summertime is a great time to sit down at my office located at 2620 Regatta Dr. Suite 102.  Give me a call at (702) 240-5237.