Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Las Vegas Guide to May 2017

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Las Vegas May shows, events, concerts & clubs ramp up as Memorial Day Weekend kicks off summer

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cinco De Mayo Fan Fest - 2nd Annual Raider Nation Las Vegas Take Over!

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It’s the Eleventh Hour!

It happens every year at this time.  Your tax return has to be postmarked by April 18th.  Yes, you lucked out because the 15th is on Saturday and there is Emancipation Day in Washington, DC on the 17th.  So, you have done it again.  You waited until the last minute and now you are wise enough to realize that you need a professional to help you file.

You could go to the IRS website, but be prepared for minutiae that you don’t have the time, knowledge, and certainly the experience to deal with.  There are dependents, mortgage interest, and other credits and deductions.  You had better do it right or possibly face a potential IRS audit down the road.

Why would you put yourself through that?  Make that eleventh hour phone call to Mike Mathews.  Mike will prepare your 2016 tax return with the thoroughness that comes from years of experience as a Northwest Las Vegas tax preparer.  Maybe HE is working 18 hours a day, but you don’t have to.  Call for an appointment right now at (702) 240-5237.