Monday, March 13, 2017

Filing Business Taxes on Time.

Corporation taxes have an earlier due date.  If you are a corporate shareholder who has not addressed this issue and you are reading this…YOU’RE LATE!  That’s right.  We have always been taught that April 15th is the tax filing deadline.  It is a date that floats around in our heads almost like a birthday or a holiday.

Corporation shareholders have a different set of rules for filing with the IRS.  In 2017 the deadline for filing a corporation tax return or extension was/is March 15th.  There are various types of business entities.  Among them are Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Estates & Trusts, Corporations, S-Corps, Real Estate Investment Trusts, etc.

Non-corporations have a filing date of April 17th (in 2017), but corporations have a deadline of March 15th.  So, get up to speed immediately.  It may not be too late to contact Mike Mathews.  Mike is a certified public accountant and business tax preparer in Las Vegas.  Don’t wait another minute!  Call Mike for an appointment at his Northwest Regatta Drive office in Las Vegas at (702) 240-5237.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Don’t Put Off Tax Filing Until April.

We are all professional procrastinators at times.  This is especially true at tax time.  Over 150 million Americans have to face this task again in 2017.  One out of every seven citizens put off tax filing until the last possible minute!  This year the filing deadline is April 18th (luckily) since the 15th falls on a Saturday.

There are many reasons to file BEFORE mid-April –

1.  New tax laws may have been enacted that could affect your return.
2.  Let’s face it…if you have a refund coming then you will get it quicker.
3.  Busy professional tax preparers.
4.  Your own peace of mind.

You have known this was coming for a couple of months already.  Now it is time to get serious about it.  Call professional Las Vegas tax preparer Michael Mathews.  Don’t procrastinate another day!  Make an appointment to have your taxes properly prepared and submitted at his beautiful office located 2620 Regatta Dr. Suite 102 by calling (702) 240-5237.