Friday, June 15, 2018

How About Some Extra Money?

Well, you have my attention.  What do I have to do?  The extra money in this case comes from obtaining a business-enhancing loan from your local financial institution.  You know that the “big boys of banking” are not inclined to just give out greenbacks without a strong business model and collateral, but they want to make money from the interest.

Here are some steps to take –

1.  Identify why your business needs the money.
2.  Choose the proper loan based on YOUR needs.
3.  Look for the best lender.
4.  See if you can pass muster when you apply.
5.  Prepare the loan application documents.

Do you know someone who does this for a living and has years of experience applying for a business loan?  He is Las Vegas’ own CPA and loan ap preparer Michael Mathews.  He has been this area’s best business friend in properly preparing all of the correct paperwork.  This is a great time of year to sit down at his office located in Las Vegas’ Northwest corridor.  Make an appointment today by calling (702) 240-5237.

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