Monday, July 2, 2018

My Accountant…My Buddy.

Your accountant may be your small business’ best friend like an attorney, banker, and insurance agent.  Why then, are most small business owners calling their accountant only once a year?  When you have a good, healthy relationship with anyone, you will be on the "inside scoop" of whatever it is they know.

Seventy-one percent of small business owners outsource their tax preparation according to a report by Wasp Barcode Technologies.  Since your accountant is so vital to the success of your business, it's a smart business move to check in often--at least month to month.  Why not work with your CPA on a proactive basis?

Why not arrange an appointment at the beautiful Regatta Drive office of CPA Michael Mathews?  Get to know him and the latest information of what can help your business grow.  He may become your business’ best friend.  Call him, really!  This is a great time of year to begin cultivating your relationship.  The phone number is (702) 240-5237.

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